Top 10 places to sell your coins

Top 10 places to sell your precious coins

So you are ready to sell your coin or an entire collection. Below we list the best places to get the most for your precious metal coins.

  1. Your local coin shop – If you have a local coin shop nearby this can be the best place but understand that a local dealer has to make a profit so he will buy at around 30% less than the fair market value.
  2. An offline Auction House – If you have very valuable coins or a large collection, the auction house can be a great place as they can build excitement and drive up the price you get.
  3. Online Auction sites – Heritage auctions as well as Great Collections  offer an easy way to list and sell your coins.
  4. Coin Markets – Online markets like HiBid can be a great place to sell.
  5. Coin Shows – In many areas local coin shops will get together a couple times a year and have a show. You can usually buy and sell there as well as negotiate.
  6. Pawn Shops – Pawn shops will buy most anything of value but not being in the coin business you should check the value of your coins.
  7. eBay – EBay is a very popular place to buy and sell coins. It is easy to list.
  8. Online Classifieds
  9. Refiner
  10. Did

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