Where to buy and sell precious metal coins

If you are thinking of buying or selling precious metal coins you have some great options! First let’s talk about buying.

if you like the hands on personal touch then your local coin shop can be a great place to start. Usually the owners of these shops have many years of experience and can be a real asset for you. You now however have many online options. Many dealers online have great reputations and free shipping and can many times give you better pricing than a local shop with more overhead.

Our suggestion would be to think about your goals first. Will you simply buy bullion coins for their gold or silver value alone? Do you want rare coins that have more beauty, history, and value because of rarity? Do you want to pick the coins yourself or just have an expert pick coins for you each month? If you like the idea of buying what you like plus earning a little extra in referral fees, I suggest Mintbuilder. Why? With Mintbuilder you can subscribe to have auto shipments of coins OR just buy coins you like as you want. No obligations. When you refer others you get a small referral fee which can be a nice little extra income. The pricing on their coins is very good and they guarantee to buy them back anytime. See the details here at MintBuilder. They focus on building a collection that outperforms most other investments over time.

Ready to sell your precious metal coins?

Talk to your local dealer and of course you can check out Coin Appraiser

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