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Fiverr is the largest freelancing platform providing digital services, changing the way the world works. Founded in 2010and has grown ever since to the world’s most transacted marketplace so far. Fiverr is an online platform with access to many freelancers delivering quality work and offers opportunities to several employers who visit the forum to get the job done. Fiverr Affiliate Program is the most affordable platform that offers many online services, such as writing, designing web pages, marketing, editing, video editing, andother professional services. Buyers choose from the world’sleading set of services from 150+ categories. Fiverr has grown extensive acceptance in over 200 countries worldwide, providing gigs across numerous types.

What is Fiverr Affiliate Program?

Fiverr is considered one of the most prevailing marketplaces for freelancers providing two-way benefits to the freelancers and the companies. The Fiverr Affiliate Program is an excellentopportunity to earn money by referring to the products and services on Fiverr. Affiliates will earn a commission for every purchase from their platform to through affiliate links or codes. Structure of Fiverr Affiliate Program CPAdepends on the services that the buyer purchases and paid monthly (if you have earned more than $100).

Everyone can join the Fiverr Affiliate Program, and you don’tneed to own a website, which is a necessity for most affiliate programs offered nowadays.

The step to step guide to enrol in Fiverr Affiliate Program is below.

Create an account

Go to their sign-up page, write your details, and the site will direct you to the Tell Us A Little About Yourself page, where you will enter your interests and how you will promote services on  Fiverr. Agree to their terms and conditions, and your registration is complete. You can start working right away as it does not take time to approve your profile.

How does it work?

Fiverr affiliate program includes an annual tracking cookie to any link you get. If someone clicks on your link within 12 months and buys something, you will get a commission for that order as the links to include a 12-month tracking cookie. Affiliates can use direct links to the product or service, which allows the buyer to purchase the benefit of the products offered right away.

How will you promote the Fiverr affiliate program?

Let’s explain it as you have a website on WordPress; you can start blogging about how you got your work done from Fiverr and recommend the services by adding a link to the freelancer who did the job. That’s how you will be promoting Fiverr andthe quality freelancers of respective fields working on Fiverr. That will substantially increase the chances of people clicking on the links you provided, which will lead them to get their work done from Fiverr.

Or you could write an article mentioning Fiverr Affiliate Program reviews and writing all the good things about the services provided on Fiverr. You can brag how it is an affordable way to get the job done. If your article is well composed, it willbring many conversions from your review, and the buyer will end up buying freelance services from Fiverr. Hence you get the commission. Comparing the freelancing websites and how Fiverr is the most affordable among them might do the trick, too. So, if you write a review of Fiverr, it gets read by people. Some of the readers might be new to Fiverr and want to learn more about it.

Fiverr has over 200 categories that you can sell. You can find related social media forums like Facebook and post the affiliate links there as a recommendation. Try to answer the questions asked under the post and convince people to buy the products from Fiverr. Think about your target audience and find related Facebook groups to promote the services and products through your affiliate links.

Pros and Cons

The benefits and limitations of using the Fiverr Affiliate Program as an earning include:


Fiverr is the largest freelancing marketplace
The network has over 200 categories.
High commission.
Affiliate links comprise a 12-month tracking cookie


Affiliates get a commission when they sell to first-time buyers (FTB).
Fiverr restraints the commission to $150, which means that if the buyer purchases a service from you as much as $1000, you will only get $150.

Fiverr Referral Program

Fiverr aims at rewarding users who deliver positive Fiverr Affiliate Program reviews to other users causing them to sign up to Fiverr. The purpose of the referral program is to rewardyou and the new user with a 20% discount whenever you both place an order. So, for every referral, you will be able to earn yourself up to 20% of your referral’s first purchase. You can cash out a month after earning every referral bonus and can be acquired by PayPal or Stripe.

Services provided by Fiverr

Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Pro is a pro version of Fiverr where only high rated sellers certified by the platform can offer the services; theservices in Fiverr Pro are more expensive. For example, the minimum price to post a gig at Fiver Pro is $100. Thecommission for all Fiver Pro services is $150.

Learn from Fiverr

Learn from Fiverr is the Fiverr’s academy where freelancers can study courses and polish their skills in their interested fields, for example, digital marketing, design and copywriting, etc. Fiverr courses target freelancers who already signed up on Fiverr andanyone who wants to enroll in these courses, and the commission for each class is $30.


Fiverr assimilated AND.CO, which aims at small businesses specifically, helps freelancers form their gigs, keep track of time, and manage to invoice proficiently. The commission for every AND.CO Pro plan is $30.

As the most significant online marketplace, the freelancers can earn by shipping their freelance services while the brands, corporations, and start-ups experience boosted output from Fiverr’s services. The platform ensures that people seeking freelancers are appropriately verified to avoid security issues.

Check out the Fiverr Affiliate Program yourself here.

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