Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr Affiliate Program – all you need to know

Fiverr is known to be among the foremost market places for freelancers – and therefore its Fiverraffiliate program may be a great opportunity to generate money online. It’s an excellent way to earn from your blog. Everyone can join the program and you don’t even need to have an internet site which otherwise is a requirement for many affiliate programs.

This article will take you through the sign-up process, details of the program, and will supply you with recommendations on how to efficiently utilize the Fiverr affiliate program as a blog owner.


The Fiverr affiliate program enables consumers to earn commission by referring products and services that are available on the platform. To start reaping the gains of the Fiverr affiliate program, you’ll need to first create an account. This is equivalent to you using your Fiverraccount for simply selling and buying.

Following is a step by step guide that’ll help you sign up

Step 1: Access Fiverr Affiliates Sign-up Page Here

The sign-up process for joining the affiliate program is fairly simple and has only two steps. The first step is to simply fill in your details and click on ‘Next’.

Step 2: Tell us a bit about yourself

This page will ask you two things:

How you’ll promote Fiverr services and what your audiences’ interests are

Now, it doesn’t matter what you select as you will not get any specific promotional material based on these options. Secondly, do not forget to comply with the Terms of Privacy before you click ‘Register Now’. Once you’re done with the sign-up form, you’ll be ready to log in to your new account.

The best part is that Fiverr doesn’t have an approval process and you’ll start promoting their services immediately. While the platform is sort of easy to navigate, you might find it helpful to inspect this Fiverr’s affiliate guide.

An overview of the program

Let’s start with the cons. The first thing to understand is that the platform pays you a commission just for orders placed by first-time buyers (FTBs). FTBs are people who have an account on Fiverr but haven’t purchased anything.

Now let’s discuss the pros; what’s great about the Fiverr affiliate program is that each of the links includes a 12-month tracking cookie. If someone clicks on your link and buys something within 12 months, you’ll get a commission for that order. Another advantage of the affiliate program is that you can promote your links to people in 160 countries. Simply put, even if the buyer isn’t from the US, but from an approved country on the list, you’ll be paid your commission.

Furthermore, affiliates can use deep links to directly promote products and further improve sales. They can put in a direct link to the product or service, allowing the buyer to make a purchase right away.

Commissions earned on Fiverr are often withdrawn through your PayPal or checking account. The platform pays out commissions once per month, but as long as you’ve earned $100 or more.

Fiverr Commission Plan

Fiverr features a dynamic CPA (Cost Per Acquisition/Cost Per Action) commission structure. You qualify for this once someone makes a sale through your affiliate link. The commission you’re paid depends on the sort of service that the buyer purchases.

Types of commission plans on Fiverr and related products


This is the first Fiverr marketplace where freelance services like writing, design, marketing, editing, video, etc. are often bought or sold. The commission for these services ranges from $15 to $50.

For example:

Slideshows & Promo Videos – $30

Articles & Blog Posts – $25

Whiteboard & Animated Explainers – $50

WordPress – $40

Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Pro is the expert version of Fiverr where only sellers that are hand-vetted by the platform offer their services. Since only high-rated professionals can get accepted here, the services are generally more expensive (the minimum price for a Fiverr Pro gig is $100.)

Commission for all Fiver Pro services is $150.

Learn From Fiver

Learn from Fiverr is that the platform’s academy where freelancers can take courses and polish their skills in their respective fields. They will take courses on digital marketing, design, and branding, etc.

Even though Fiverr courses primarily target freelancers who are already on the platform, anyone can take these courses. The commission for each course order is $30.


Fiverr acquired freelancing software ‘AND.CO’ that aims to supply a more structured platform to freelancers and even small businesses.

The commission for each AND.CO Pro plan is $30.

How to make money with the Fiverr Affiliate Program

How can you promote the Fiverr affiliate program and make decent money?

Just as with other affiliate programs, there are multiple ways to achieve this with Fiverr. We’ll cover those which we feel have the most important earning potential, specifically for this program.

1) Create a pattern around your niche and recommend services on Fiverr for every step of your guide.

Let’s say you’ve got an internet site about blogging; you’ll write an ultimate guide about starting a blog and mention WordPress website development, the importance of getting a strong logo, etc. Under each section, you’ll recommend a relevant freelancer on Fiverr who could do the work for them.

Such guides are great, as you’ll include links for various services and increase your chances of somebody buying from one among your links.

2) Mention services you buy on Fiverr within your content.

For instance, you write a piece of writing about the simplest platforms for purchasing a logo. You should include Fiverr within the list and mention that the brand for your website was designed by a freelancer from the platform. If people like your logo, they’re going to wonder about the worth and other factors, and click on on your link. Let‘s say you write a piece of writing about outsourcing blog posts. You’ll again list a few of the various platforms and include Fiverr on it. At the top of the article, you’ll say that it has been written by a freelancer from Fiverr. If your article was well-written, you’d likely get many conversions from your link.

3) Write an ultimate review of Fiverr or a comparison of freelancing platforms.

Fiverr pays you a commission as long as an individual who has never bought anything on the platform places an order. So if you write a review of the platform, it is most likely that most of your readers are going to be people that are new to Fiverr and need to find out more about it.

4) Promote affiliate links on targeted Facebook groups and forums.

Fiverr has around 200 categories that you’ll be promoting. For several of those, you’ll be ready to find dedicated or related Facebook groups and forums (or a minimum of threads within forums). If you only spam your affiliate link everywhere, it is almost guaranteed that you won’t have success. Instead, attempt to provide value by answering questions and insert your affiliate link as a recommendation.

Let’s say you want to market WordPress services on Fiverr which has an honest $40 commission.Define who your audience would be: in this case, people that have an interest in starting a blog are a good example. This way, you’ll find many related Facebook groups on which you can promote your affiliate links.

If you would like to form $3000 a month, you ought to specialize in promoting services that have a CPA of $50 or more, such as, Ecommerce, Game Development, Whiteboard & Animated Explainers, Website Builders & CMS. Focus on Fiverr Pro services which all have a CPA of $150.

If you would like to use the platform for affiliate marketing and make $3000 a month, then you simply need 20 people to shop for Fiverr Services from your links. It’s not difficult to reach that number, especially if you’ve got an internet site with a gentle flow of traffic. If you don’t have an internet site or just started one, then you’d want to primarily specialize in promoting Fiverrthrough social media, as your articles wouldn’t get that a lot of visits from the start.

Pros and Cons

To conclude, the advantages and limitations of using Fiverr for affiliate marketing are as follows:


Fiverr is a globally recognized platform.
The network provides almost every skill set imaginable to a buyer.
High commission for all Fiverr Pro services and a few selected original Fiverr services.
All affiliate links include a 12-month tracking cookie.
Possibility to get deep links.
Fiverr allows promotion on social media.


Affiliates get a commission for first-time buyers only.
Fiverr Pro caps the commission at $150; this means that even if a customer purchases a service worth $10,000, you’ll still get a commission of $150 only.
You need to take care of what you’re promoting as not all gigs on Fiverr are of great quality. Your reputation is at stake.


The pros of the Fiverr affiliate program outweigh its disadvantages. If you approach promoting Fiverr the proper way, you’ll easily make upwards of $3000 per month.

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