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Benefits of Dropshipping

First, let’s talk about what dropshipping is. This is where you get the requirement from the buyer and give it to your supplier. Then your supplier will supply you your required product and then you will sell it to your buyer. So basically, you work as an intermediate in this transaction and this whole process will be done online. You will communicate with your buyer and supplier via online and do the transaction online. That’s the beauty of it.

Dropshipping has become a phenomenon with the speed of online transactions. In modern day world, most of the population in the world has internet connection and that means all of them have the potential to use dropshipping to buy things or do dropshipping to sell things.

Advantages of using for dropshipping

 If you are hoping to start dropshipping as a business, it’s better to get help from a web site such as this. Let’s talk about how you can conquer the above cons with a partner like Drop Ship for Sale.

1. Easily build your own store

You need your own virtual store to do dropshipping successfully (your own webpage). Now making a breath taking web page for this purpose will surely be a very difficult and challenging task. But no need to worry about it. Drop Ship for Sale already has countless ready-made and completely unique sited you can buy. After you buy a unique web site like that, no one can buy the same again so only you will have that specific site. Also they will do all the necessary changes you need to do to your site to make it to your liking. This will make the foundation to your own dropshipping business and Drop Ship for Sale will help you create that foundation as solid as possible.

2. They have their own trusted suppliers

As above mentioned, if your supplier can’t meet your demands or send damaged products or delay the delivery, you will have to take the blame from your buyer. But fear no more. Drop Ship for Sale has their own trusted suppliers that are mostly based on America and some are based on Europe. They guarantee their suppliers so you don’t have to worry about their product quality or delays or anything. They will provide the best in a timely manner so you can run your dropshipping business smoothly.

3. High profit margins

Since you are a middle man in this business, usually you don’t get much of the profit but if you work with Drop Ship for Sale then the story is different. They mark the price of your product 3 times the cost (if your production cost is $5 then the price would be $15). That’s their standard price so you will always have a high profit margin. But if you prefer, you can change that price after they gives you your own store.

4. Great customer service

Customers of Drop Ship for Sale are people who do dropshipping and they have nothing but positive feedback for them. The stores they provided for their clients and the after process such as introducing proper suppliers to their clients and everything have always being up to standard so you don’t have to have any doubt if you work with Drop Ship for Sale.

5. Print on Demand

This is where you can print your own logo to your products. Usually this won’t happen in dropshipping since you only work as a middle man. But if you work with suppliers from Drop Ship for Sale, they can print your own store logo to their products before shipping it to your buyer so the buyer will have a sensational idea that you produced that specific product by your own. If you sell a t-shirt or any kind of cloth, then your supplier can print your logo if you provide one to them. Then the product will go to your buyers hand as if you have created that product so you can market your own brand through this. This is actually something you can never achieve through dropshipping unless you work with a partner like Drop Ship for Sale so personally for me, this is one of the biggest advantage you can get from working with this site.


With the increase of online shopping, dropshipping has become so famous around the world.   The reason for this is the benefits dropshipping , offers to both seller and the buyer. Let’s talk about the benefits the seller gets.

1. Initial cost would be very low

As above mentioned, you only work as an intermediate in the process. So you will not do any making of the product or packing of the product. So you will never have to spend money on those things. You don’t have to have any knowledge on how to make the product. Since making any kind of product require capital and a considerable amount of knowledge, this becomes one of the biggest benefits for you since you don’t need any of it to start a proper dropshipping business.

2. Inventory cost would be very low

When you do a business, you will definitely need a warehouse to store your product and it will cost you a lot. You will need to build a warehouse from scratch or rent a warehouse. Either way, it will cost you a lot. Also you will have to maintain it. Then there will be overheads and wastage of product if you don’t sell your entire supply you have on your warehouse. This is an issue most businesses face.

         Luckily, you will have none of these problems when you do dropshipping. You don’t need a warehouse to store your product because you directly get the product from your supplier and send it to your buyer. You don’t get the product to your hand physically. Also in this process, your demand and supply always remain equal since you only get products from your supplier for the demand of your buyer. So there are no wastage of products. Since you don’t need a warehouse, warehouse maintaining costs also disappear in this process for you. So that is a huge advantage and also a huge risk minimizer compared to a usual business and something which can only be achieved through dropshipping.

3. Order fulfillment cost would be very low

When a usual order is made, there is a packing process. Then there is a delivery process. But in dropshipping, you will do none of that. The packing process is done by your supplier so you don’t have to worry about that and the delivery process is done by a delivery system. Since the cost of packing process is already included in the supplier’s side, you don’t have to worry about that and since the delivery costs have become lower these days, that cost would also be very low and would not do much of an effect to the total cost.

4. Sell more products with very less risk

Like I said in this article, in dropshipping you don’t need a warehouse since you only get products to the amount of the demand from your buyers. Just like that, if the demand from your buyers increase, you can simply get more products from your supplier since most probably your supplier has the ability to meet your demands. Therefore the risk you take would be minimum since you are getting the product after you get the demand even if the demand is high. So you take very little risk when you sell more and more products.

      But keep in mind that dropshipping is not all about its benefits. There are some disadvantages also regarding this business. So let’s talk about them.

1. You have less control over the production process

Since your supplier is doing all the work on the production side, you have no control over it. So if your supplier’s production process face any issues regarding quality control or any kind of related matter, you have no control over it and you can do nothing about it. This might delay the whole process.

2. Have to rely on your supplier’s stock

Since you don’t have a warehouse, you completely rely on your supplier’s stock. If they have nothing on their stock and can’t produce the product on time for you, you will face a big issue. So you have to have an idea on how much your supplier’s stock has the product you need before telling your buyer that you can get them their requirement. This will be hard because this require proper communication from both parties (your supplier and your buyer).

3. Relatively low profit

Since you are an intermediate, most of the profit will go to your supplier. After the delivery charges are deducted, you might get a low profit compared to your supplier. If you try to charge the buyer more for the product, then your buyer might not buy from you so there is a risk on that too.

4. Imperfect customer service

If your supplier gives you damaged goods or product with any defects, then you will have no choice but to take the blame since your buyer completely relies on you. Also if your supplier takes too much time to produce your demand then you have to take the blame for that too from your buyer (customer). This will lead to bad customer service but this would not be your fault and that’s why it’s said an imperfect customer service.

But don’t worry. There is a way you can overcome these disadvantages and be successful in dropshipping.

Now you have a vivid idea of what dropshipping is and pros and cons in the business. In this business, pros obviously outweigh the cons but even after that, if you have doubts about the cons, then you can easily partner up with Drop Ship for Sale so you don’t have to worry about these issues. There are lots of others sites like Drop Ship for Sale but since Drop Ship for Sale has being in the business for a long time and has a lot of positive feedbacks, it’s safe to join hands with a partner like that. Since they guide you through the process, you can ask any question regarding the business from them. If you are new to Dropshipping, this will be an extra advantage for you.

         So if you are hoping to do dropshipping as a business or already doing it, I highly recommend partnering up with Drop Ship for Sale because it will help you increase your profits and customer satisfaction. It will definitely help you boost up your sales and give your buyers an extra sense of quality to your product. Since you can create your own brand through this process, you can achieve a high level of standard to your own brand. Just imagine, if you can market your brand as a genuine clothing brand or any kind, the goals you can achieve would be limitless. These kinds of goals are only a dream in dropshipping but sites like Drop Ship for Sale have made it possible for you. So join with them, plan with them and achieve your dream goals.

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